Multi Age

About our Multi Age Room

Before and after school care

Before and After School Room HamburgWhat a better place to start and end the day than IXL. Before and after school care is for school age children who attend Pinckney schools. The day begins with breakfast and some free time, then the bus picks the children up from IXL. After school the bus drops them off back at IXL and we provide an afternoon snack, as well as a certified teacher for homework help. This allows parents to focus on dinner, baths, bed and quality time when they get home. The calm and nurturing time before and after school is for children to enjoy while socializing with their friends.


Pre-kindergarten is what we consider the bridge between preschool and kindergarten. It is the combination of children not quite old enough for Kindergarten, and those who have already been through our preschool curriculum. Thematic units and core curriculum in writing, math and science are some of the preparation tools we use for this program. During this very crucial age, children are still developing their social, fine and gross motor skills. This warm environment will give them the positive feedback needed in order to succeed in developing. This program lays the groundwork for children to be lifelong learners.

Summer Camp

For many it is time to put away the books and forget everything you've learned during school, but not here at IXL. Led by a certified teacher, our program continues to offer educational lessons with a twist, while still enjoying a fun summer! Each week we offer Tuesday and Thursday fieldtrips to fun locations, and Friday "Theme days," offering the kids a ton of great experiences. Days are filled with art, journal writing, experiments, outdoor activities, water play, and good friends!

Multi Age Daily Schedule

7-8:30 Breakfast/Discovery Time
8:30 Lakeland Bus
8:35 Letter/Numbers Writing
9:00 Meeting Area (helpers, calendar, weather, letters/sounds, monthly benchmarks)
9:30 Snack Time/Bathroom/Outside
10:15 Meeting Area
11:15 Lunch
11:45-1:45 Nap
2:00 Second Snack
2:15 Story Time
2:30 Outside or Gross Motor
4:00 Third Snack
4:15-6:00 Free Play/ Pickup