Two's Room

About our Two's Room

Hamburg Twos' RoomIn our Two’s room, children are continuing to strengthen their skills of independence. They are encouraged to communicate their needs with words, to share with friends, and are introduced to shapes, colors, counting and the alphabet. The two’s room operates on a daily schedule, which includes activities such as art projects, sensory experiences, gross motor activities, outdoor play, story time, and a small circle time. Curriculum is based on a different theme every week; this being the focus of education for those 5 days. Children learn from one another as they interact and watch their friends. This socialization is very important for this age level as they strengthen their communication skills.

Happy Hamburg Two Year OldTwo's Room Daily Schedule

7-8:30 Breakfast/Free Time
8:30-9:30 Center Toys
9:30 First Snack
9:45 Outside or Gross Motor
10:30 Art
11:15 Circle Time
11:30 Lunch
12:00-2:00 Nap
2:30 Second Snack
3:00 Outside or Gross Motor
4:30 Third Snack
4:45-6:00 Free Play/ Pickup