Young Preschool

About our Young Preschool Room

Hamburg Young Preschool ClassroomIn our Young Preschool Room, there is a strong focus on strengthening a child’s independent skills. This is the unique age where children are toilet training, want to do everything themselves, and are becoming more group focused during play. They are learning to communicate their wants and needs to others in words versus tantrums and fits. Teachers encourage a child’s self help skills by teaching them manners, how to dress themselves, how to brush their teeth, and how to communicate, along with many other things. As well as teaching independence, Young preschool is also very educationally focused. Their daily schedule is consistent each day, and includes activities such as free play, a circle time, and teacher led centers. The curriculum in this room is theme based, and includes such skills as the alphabet and sounds that correlate, recognizing words and names, numbers, shapes, colors, counting, simple patterns, and sorting. Assessments are given by teachers to track this growth and areas of focus, while portfolios are kept for each child’s work. Teachers encourage children in all areas, and the growth is very apparent as they prepare for Preschool.

Young Preschool CHild HamburgYoung Preschool Daily Schedule

7-9:15 Breakfast/Open Choices
9:15 Morning Circle Time
10:00 Morning Snack
10:30 Curriculum Based Centers
11:00 Outside/Group Activity
11:30 Lunch
12:15-2:45 Nap
3:15 Afternoon Snack
3:45-4:15 Afternoon Circle Time
4:15 Outside or Gross Motor
4:45-6:00 Open Choices/ Pick Up