Toddler Room

About our Toddler Room

Toddler Room NorthvilleOur Toddler Room influences various developmental skills. This includes communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal to convey their wants and needs. Fine motor skills, such as coloring, gluing, and picking items up are also encouraged. Soft climbing pieces, large balls, tunnels and other such equipment are used to promote gross motor skills. Sensory exploration is also used to support the child's sense of touch and feelings.

This classroom operates on a daily schedule, giving children a sense of security and familiarity. Each day they engage in an art project, small circle time with sign language, songs and stories, outdoor play, a nap, and many other activities. The loving and warm environment in this classroom really encourages growth of all developmental skills necessary at this age.

Northville, Mi Daycare for ToddlersToddler Room Daily Schedule

7:00-8:00 Breakfast/Free Play
8:00-9:00 Free Play
9:00 Diapers
9:00-9:30 Morning Snack
9:30-10:45 Outside or Gross Motor
10:45-11:00 Art
11:00-11:15 Circle Time (flash cards, books, fingerplays)
11:00 Diapers
11:15 Lunch
11:45-3:00 Nap/Quiet time
3:00 Diapers
3:00-3:20 Afternoon Snack
3:20-4:30 Outside or Gross Motor
4:30-5:00 Art, flash cards, books, fingerplays
5:00-6:00 Diapers/ Parent Pick Up/Free Play