Parent Testimonials and References


We thank you and appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts. It is because of your love, kindness and patience that my husband and I are able to have peace of mind! Each and every one of you are invaluable members of our extended family! - The Nowak Family

We have been attending IXL for the past 7 years and the staff has truly become part of our family. From the infant room to the school age room, IXL has chosen the most qualified, compassionate and loving teachers I could ask for to spend the day with my children. The days are structured with plenty of time for education, one on one student time and memory making with friends. We feel so blessed knowing that our kids are in a comfortable and safe environment while at IXL! – Megan Burns

Over the past six years we have trusted IXL with the care of our two children Jack and Natalie. IXL has exceeded all expectations we had in a childcare provider for their two working parents. It would be a great misrepresentation to refer to this location as a “daycare”. IXL and the great people who staff it remain a vital component of a healthy and thriving childhood for our kids. Our children could not be more different. One is shy and the other is the life of the party-yet IXL met all of their emotional and educational needs without missing a beat. IXL was a key component in a successful transition to schooling. They not only provide a safe and stimulating environment for them to grow-they offer lessons to build their confidence and make them good citizens. When we drop them off for the day at IXL, I feel just as confident in their care as I would in leaving them with family. In short, IXL makes good kids.

We are relocating out of state and by far the saddest part of this venture remains the loss of IXL as our care providers. We feel sorry for the new facility we will patron in this area, as they will have impossible shoes to fill. – Cutchins Family

Thank you all for the excellent, professional, personal attention you have shown our child. You are by far one of the best daycares around. We toured at least a dozen other daycares before coming to yours. IXL stood out by far on all our expectations, and it is clearly because of who you are and what you put into ot. We are so thankful for you! – Rhonda & Michael

Today is a hard day for our family as we are spending our last day with all of you. As a mom, it is hard to leave your most prized possessions with just anyone. You all work so hard and my children have learned so many skills both academically and socially; lessons which are invaluable. I could not have choosen a better place for them, and thank you for the direction and guidance you have given. We love IXL! –Highstreet Family

You are all a great inspiration and example for our kids! You make learning fun and give the kids the extra attention to make each child feel special. Thank you! – Geissbuhler Family

We started taking our son to IXL at the age of 1 1/2 - turned out to be one of the best parenting decisions we’ve made yet! You know the anxiety you feel when you leave your child somewhere new for the first time? All of those uneasy questions start flowing through your head – will they take care of my child like I would, will my child get attention, will my child be safe, will my child be happy there? I only had to worry on the very first day. IXL has been more like an extended family than it has been a daycare facility for us. The teachers are extremely hands on and incorporate such wonderful educational programs into every day, as well as an immense amount of love for your child. We now have two children in the program, Reagan, in the toddler room and Logan is now in preschool. It is the most reassuring feeling every morning to have Reagan leap into Ms. Sarah’s arms when she sees her and to have Logan running (even when he’s not supposed to) to his room to see Ms. Cole and all of his friends. They are very excited at morning drop off and equally happy and bubbly at pick-up every day. My daughter, at 18 months, knows how to sign at least 10 words now and has been signing since she was in the infant room. Logan is my little “bucket filler” and has not only learned his colors, shapes, calendar, ABC’S & 123’s, but also how to be compassionate to others and always use his manners. I get complimented on Logan’s behavior quite often; working a fulltime job, I wish I could take all of the credit but I can’t, it’s mostly the wonderful teachers at IXL that are helping me to form my little man. Everyone at IXL cares about our family – all of the teachers, no matter what room, know my children’s names… that’s a really good feeling! In my honest opinion, there isn’t a better group of people to invite into your life and help you raise your children. Logan and Reagan are going to do really well when they reach elementary school… I can count on it! -Sara Peevey

Parent References

The parents listed have generously agreed to serve as references for our Centers. Please feel free to contact
them with any questions regarding our policies, procedures and their personal experience.


Bethany & Paul Gunnels

Rachel & Andrew Pinch

Erin & Matt Thomas


Emily & Eric Elkins

Jennifer & George Pappas

Sarah & Brian Schmansky


Jaime & Velko Severkoski

Jessica & Dale Clemons

Tara & Clint Cabble


Kim & John Heinrich

Tabitha & Eric Stiller

Rachel & Jeff Smith


Nicole & Steve Fellhauer

Daniel & Kathleen Boynton

Steven & Jessica Bonventre

South Lyon

Erin & Mike Skyring

Katy & Jeff Dinkelmann

Nicole & Mark Considine