IXL Policies

Payments, Deposit, Registration, & Written Notice

Behavior Management and Discipline Policy

When a child is having a difficult time following directions or treating others or equipment with disrespect, developmentally appropriate guidance techniques are used. These techniques are as follows:

Admission and Enrollment

Closing Policies

IXL will only close on major holidays, as well as the Friday before Labor Day for staff training.

We offer care for school-age children when public schools are closed for breaks, in-services, etc..

In the event of severe weather conditions, we will follow the South Lyon School District policy. This includes, but is not limited to late openings and early dismissals. We will also leave a message on our voice mail provided the phone lines are in working order, as well as post updates on the IXL Facebook page. We will always do our best to maintain a regular opening time on these days.